Sunday, April 29, 2007

WHAT A DIN!!! On a quiet Sunday Morning...

Its 915am on a Sunday morning. Dunno wat the CC in my area organising today, at ard 845am heard some soft music coming up fm below. At first thot its tt KaraOKE-King trying to torture us in the morning but then after tt heard a lady MC talking on the mic.

Seems like there is an event mainly for the children wat balloon sculpturing plus a goodie bag etc BUT u have to buy coupon which costs $4 lor

I started to worry when tt lady MC talk so loud in the mic, after she blah-blah for abt 15mins, music starts to play!!! Its blasting some hip hip music (which normally I will dance with the music) BUT my Little DinoEgg is SLEEPING!!!! OMG!!! If he wakes up due to the music i will be dam pissed off!!!

Now waiting n see wat happens next... dunno how long this event will be.... *ggrrrrr*

DUHZ! jus barely 5mins i posted this, Little DinoEgg is awake....

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