Saturday, May 12, 2007

9th Month Milestones

Today marks an important day for Little DinoEgg, coz its his 9th month assessment!!!

Went out early with Charmaine & Adel for breakfast at Compass Point Burger King, then wait for Eunice & Reiko to join us. Seems tt today is a busy day for children too coz Adel having her 18th month booster shot and Reiko having her MMR jab :P

Had a very good breakfast at BK then proceed to SingHealth to queue for Little DinoEgg's turn. While waiting Charmaine took the above pictures haha~ see his sleepy face.

After waiting for a while, its finally our turn.

1st the nurse ask Daniel to sit down coz he is carrying Little DinoEgg, then ask me to stand at one corner behind Daniel where Little DinoEgg wun see me thus causing some distractions.

1st of all, the weight, height and head circumference; 10.38kg, 72cm and 42cm, wow no wonder Daniel also have problem carrying Little DinoEgg haha~ I jokingly told the nurse he weighs the same as a pack of rice :P

2nd is to check hearing. The nurse use a red furry toy to catch Little DinoEgg's attention, threw to his left n while he look towards tt toy, the nurse pressed a device n there was a high pitch sound, Little DinoEgg turned around n look at tt thing. She did this for the other side and also for the lower pitched sound. Well hearing aye-Okay!

3rd, check eye sight. She hold a pencil with a Mickey Mouse toy on the top of the pencil n move left n right. Little DinoEgg followed the toy, hands wanna grab it n mouth open wide wide... must be thinking tt thing can be eaten *faintz*

4th, check his balancing. Nurse asked Daniel to sit Little DinoEgg down on the bed, den nurse gave him a little push see whether he can balance himself or topple over. He sort of "bounce back" when nurse pushed him, so PASS!

5th is standing, nurse wanna see his feet placement, good, feet flat on the ground so also PASS!!

Overall a PASS in his assessment! YEAH!!!

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