Sunday, May 13, 2007

12th May FINALLY!!!

The much talked, yakked, discussed about Gathering has finally reached!

Its such a busy day for us The Loh Family!
9.30am wait for Charmaine & Adel to go Compass Point BK for breakfast
10am At Compass Point BK waiting for Eunice, Johnson n little Reiko to join us. We had a messy but enjoyable breakfast hehe~
11am At SingHealth queueing for Little DinoEgg's turn for his 9th month assessement & Adel's 18th mth 1st booster jab *ouch*

After collecting food from Compass Point, Charmaine dropped us back home to get ready to go to the gathering. At abt 230pm she was back at our hse picking us up n ALL of us, The Loh Family & Charmaine + Adel made our way to Wendy's house.

There are already SO MANY pple at the house!! wow!!! So many children too!!! A few new faces which i did not have a chance to ask for their names/nick. Anyway Diana finally decided to gave us a name tag, use a marker n write our names on the masking tape hehe~ the 1st "victims" are the children hahah~

We finally get to meet little Demi, woah~~ she is such a beauty! Her cheeks are 100times more chubby den Little DinoEgg ahha~ I couldn't recognise Manfred with his new haircut; the last time i saw him was in April 2007. Then there is Janine, Alexxy, Adel, Ryan, Denise, Zension, Ailian's DD and and who else did i missed out??? OH and of coz Mirabel!!!

Who can forget about those yummy food!!! There are otahs, baked macaroni, cottage chicken pies, swiss rolls, braised duck/toufu/egg, sandwiches, pizzas, jellys, sushis, the all time favourite chocolate foundue and many many more!!!

Then there is the Balloons from WY, wow the flower balloons are perfect for Mother's Day haha~ the older boys simply love these balloons, start using the balloon sword to have a duel :P

Then there was a round of milk feeding, diaper changing, nap times. Seems like the kids gang up n decided to ALL do the same thing at the same time ahah~ makes all the mummies so busy.

Party ended ard 730pm with pple starting to leave ard 4pm+. It was a good n enjoyable gathering. I think no one felt left out; well ok ok MAYBE 1 or 2 daddies lah BUT there is always the TV to entertain them wahahah~

Oh and when Little DinoEgg came home, dun wanna sleep... think he is still excited. See his sleepy eyes n face, threw him into the sarong but he wriggle here n there... had a hard time putting him to sleep, finally dozed off close 11pm, way way pass his usual bed time.

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