Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

This morning was raining... bundle Little DinoEgg in his long pants, put on his "slow as a snail" cap, use the sling tail to cover him and brave ourselves in the rain. It started drizzling, tts y decided to take train instead of taking cab. Who knows by the time we reach the LRT station it was raining heavily with strong wind blowing. I tried to cover Little DinoEgg’s face to prevent it from getting wet, this nottie boy keep struggling, curious about the umbrella which I held over our heads.

Made it to mum’s place with him almost dry except for his feet, luckily I put on the socks for him so he is basically dry. Me, wet skirt, wet feet n wet shoes. My small umbrella cannot provide much protection hahah~

Anyway freezing cold in the MRT… luckily I took the shawl, covered myself n dozing in the train when suddenly someone stepped on my feet!!!! Woke me up fm my cozy zzz… n after tt couldn’t go back to sleep as my toes hurts! Stupid man! Stand dun stand properly, lean on the railing n when train jerk he lost his balance.

Well, as expected late for work, abt 5mins late, but its consider as not bad since it was raining haha~
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