Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Reaching 8mths, another milestone

Another 3 days and Little DinoEgg will hit the 8th month milestone. So far;

1. He still does not know how to crawl forward. Even his backward crawl sometimes also fail.
2. He prefers to sit then lie down. However now he can sit unsupported and play with his toys without falling backwards uncontrollable, i can just leave him either on the mattress or in his baby cot. He will entertain himself for a while, then i quickly do some cooking or washing.
3. Last week end he learnt how to stand by himself for a short moment. After tt its ALL STANDING N NO SITTING.... I can put him at the coffee table, he will place his whole arms on it, trying to grab things within his reach, I can let go of my hand n VIOLA~ he stands but wobbling.
4. He have a super duper BAD TEMPER!!! (just like mum n dad haha~). He managed to get his hands on the tv remote. Was happily studying & starting to taste it when I abruptly took it away from him. He screamed at the top of his voice n keep stretching his arms out towards the direction where i place the remote control. Ended I have to hide it, away fm his, distract him with his toys THEN he will quieten down.

hmm.. with his standing up n still not able to have full control of his body n limps, he knocked his head on the coffee table a few times hahaha~ He cry but i din care abt it, simply tell him "its ok" then brushed it off. Dun wanna make huge fuss whenever he knock his head on things otherwise in future any small knocks n fall he scream n want comfort, then I will be very busy. I'd rather he learn to be independent then keep on holding to my apron strings.
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