Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Came back from Mum's place n Daniel is still not home. Put Little DinoEgg in his cot with all his toys while i have a quick bath. He is alright when i came out of the bathroom, happily playing with his toys. However the min I stepped out of the room to prepare a basin of water to wipe him, he starts crying.

I told him tt I am preparing the water n quickly went into the bath room. When I came out, Little DinoEgg hands are at the cot railing, he managed to pull himself to the kneeling position. Think he is trying to stand up but either hands not strong enough to pull himself up or the legs not strong enough to stand up.

In any case, i think i have to be careful when i leave him inside there. Wun know which day he is able to stand up, the wobble abit n fell over the cot railing. Then it will be a REALLY REALLY BAD FALL *pray it wun happen*
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