Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Little DinoEgg's progress

How time flies~ Little DinoEgg is 8mths n 2 weeks old. He is getting more n more nottie n impatient. Always want to stand, dun wanna sit still. Wanna go onto his hands n knees but dunno how to crawl.

He have finally mastered the skill of Walker Walk haha~ ytd put him in the walker n he zoomed the whole living room... but BACKWARDS!!! *faintz* Well at least he is moving n not sitting there dun dare to move n keep crying n whinning n wanting me or mum to pick him up.

Oh another thing I am very proud of him is; he knows how to pick up his tiny star biscuits with his pinkie n thumb n put it into his mouth. You shld see his happy face when he managed to put tt tiny biscuit in, melts my heart away~

He's a big bully BUT he only bully his granny aka my mum. My mum cooks, he wants to be carry, put in walker he dun want. Keep pulling my mum's pants... duhz.... how to cook n carry him at the same time??? My mum literally left all the housework not done just to "entertain" him....

Little DinoEgg can stand unsupport for few secs but more frequent. Last week if u make him walk here n there he will squat down n take a rest. Now he can walk longer distance :D

hhmm... ytd was giving him the star biscuits, he was going ma-ma-maa... mum-mum-mummm... Initially i was so happy tt he finally can call me but alas.... i was wrong, instead he wants his star biscuits.
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