Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sleepless in SengKang (Part 3)


Little DinoEgg is up to his tricks again... from 1am till finally zzz at 430am *yawn~* By the time he zzz... i am already fully awake n feeling hungry. So I did some work, surf the net then ard 630am put our clothes to wash.

Was feeling real happy coz if the washing is done by 730am, i can hang it out to meet Sun Gong Gong. WHO KNOWS, the idiot neighbour at 13th storey burst my bubbles AGAIN!!! Dam angry with her!!! She hung out her washing DRIPPING WITH WATER!!! I have an urge to go up n knocked her door but thinking 7am+, dun wan lah, wat if she find things to quarrel with me? I am in no state to quarrel with pple *yawnnn~~~*

So i have to put 2 bamboo of clothes inside. *hrrmmpphh* Dunno when the water will be all dripped out from her clothes... I have to constantly check my washing lest she hang out more.

Now waiting for Little DinoEgg to wake up n start his day... dunno whether later am i able to catch some shut eyes or not *yawwwnnnnnn yyaaawwwnnnnnn~~*

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