Friday, April 20, 2007

My 1st few Steps

Little DinoEgg knows how to walk!!! Jus barely a week after we put him in the walker, he knows how to move n maneuver his little feet to walk. We are so happy!

Jus now Daniel let Little DinoEgg hold on to his fingers n walk together with him. This little fella knows how to lift up his leg n place his feet in front of the other to walk n look for me. On top of that he can stand with no or little support from us.

Wow, this little fella, wanna be like his dad, dunno how to crawl but know how to stand & walk. However he still does not have strength in his feet n legs. After standing or walking for a while he will sit down to rest, but 30secs later he will struggle to stand up again.

Now waiting n anticipating the day he can walk steadily without any support or assistant.
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