Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My 2nd Fall

Just now Little DinoEgg had his 2nd fall, this time from my higher Queen size bed :(

Came back from Mum's house, put him on my bed, played with him for a while, saw tt he is abit althergic n not very interested in playing, so i decided to prepare the water to clean him. Put him in the middle of the bed with bolsters besides him, went into the toilet (which in only next to my room), turn on the tap n heard a loud "THUD", follow by Little DinoEgg's cry!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Rushed in n saw him chest down lying the floor crying. Picked him up, gave him lotsa kisses n hugs, keep telling him "its ok, its nothing, mummy love love". Daniel oso rushed in, checked his head, found a huge red patch on the back of his right side head. Daniel carried him n after a few secs he stopped crying.

While waiting for the hard boiled egg to be cook, Daniel fed him milk milk, *phew* he's drinking well n not throwing up etc. I used the hard boiled egg to rub DinoEgg's head, rubbed till the egg become flattened hahaha~ Guess i used too much force.

After his milk milk, checked his body and did not find any big bruise except for a small red patch on the right knee, think he knocked it when he landed, but its nothing serious.
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