Sunday, April 1, 2007

A small private lunch

We had some frens over for a simply lunch, Daniel cooked all the dishes, there were Daniel's "famous" pigs stomach soup, sweet & sour pork, shitake mushrooms with pork & steam garlic cod fishes. A fren bought some otahs over. The lunch was yummy and everyone had a good meal, especially the soup & the cod fish. Everyone praised Daniel for his yummy food :-)

After meals, R&R with mummies chatting with their babies in the baby room while daddies sit in the living room stare at the tv hehehe~ We mummies exchanged a few tips on handling n teaching our kids. Little DinoEgg had a good time playing with the other jie-jies & gor-gor. He was doing his happy dance all the way. Now tt he is older n can interact with others think must let him play with other kids otherwise he will be too lonely.

The gang left around 5pm+ n we clear & clean the hse, finally put Little DinoEgg to sleep. I wanted to catch up some sleep but Little DinoEgg was cranky. I dozed off for 15mins n heard him cry n scream outside in the living room. Thot Daniel has fallen asleep n din attend to him, rushed out n found them together but Daniel was wide awake watching tv.

He kepe crying n screaming, unconsolable!! Even when i wipe him with towel to get him ready for bed, he wasn still cranky. Drank only 80ml of his milk n refuse to drink, keep crying... in the end Daniel took over n managed to coaxed him to drink another 40ml of milk. Then i remembered, he haven't poo for 2 days, maybe tummyache. Luckily i put some prune juice in his milk just now.

Anyway after he refuses his milk, threw the crying DinoEgg into sarong, hoping he will fall asleep. He did rubbed his eyes, indicating he is sleepy, closed his eyes n dozed off for a few mins den suddenly cry loudly. Finally i decided to give him gripe water, coz cry too much scared his stomach have wind. Feed him 10ml n he cry cry cough cough n vomited some of his milk out.

However good thing is after he vomitted he is no longer crying. Become very calm n quiet. Put him on the bouncer with his bolster, Mr Elephant & pacifier he just quietly play with them. Daniel pushed him to the side of the sofa n this nottie boy took the remote control from the sofa's side pocket. Swing the remote here n there n hit his forehead... A while later he was doing his BIG business... after tt can see tt he is super happy, dropped his leg over the edge of the bouncer n swing it then started to smile n laff. Phew! I thot its going to be another tough nite for us.

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