Sunday, March 18, 2007

Prata & Lime Juice

We had a mini prata gathering @ Jalan Kayu yesterday nite. It was so exciting as this is the 1st time DinoEgg goes there and also the 1st time (after saying for a few months) that we actually managed to meet up there to "la-kopi".

Those who went are Audrey & hubby, Charmaine + Sam +Adel, Eunice +Reiko, Catherine + WY + Janine and lastly the Loh Family.

I start getting DinoEgg ready ard 830pm, since its so near we could just leave the house 5mins before 9pm and reach there just nice, not too late. Catherince called at 845pm n told us they have reached, WOW so early. So we quickly grab out things n off we go.

Saw little Janine drinking her milk when we reach there, they were sitting at the serving counter, so warm, hot and dangerous as there are alot of human traffic which we scared may accidentally bump into our little'uns. So Daniel requested them to set up a table at the far end of the shop so we wun be in any "danger".

Its almost 930pm and still no sight of the rest... Catherine's mutabak n chicken is already cold so we told them to eat 1st. After a while the rest slowly arrive.

As we were sitting right inside, the waiter did not pay attention to us :( Take so long to catch their attention to order our food n drinks. Amazingly, tt waiter can remember all our orders without even writting it down, he even "added" another plate of mee goreng in our order *faintz* But lucky for that, Charmaine have extra food to curb her hunger hehehe~

The little'uns take turn to be grouchy, 1st it was Janine then its DinoEgg then Reiko. Guess its the warm weather with no wind tt is making them uncomfy. Well Reiko fuss alittle n she fell alseep on Eunice, but her hair was wet with prespire. DinoEgg cannot sit still! Keep wanting to stand n make noise, in the end I have to take a packet of Baby Bites from Eunice n give it to him jus to keep him quiet. Janine is fussy coz she is hungry; thats wat Catherine says hahaah~ Anyway when DinoEgg was drinking his milk, Janine's eyes suddenly light up and is super happy. Maybe she thought the milk is for her?? Sorry Janine, I cannot give it to u, otherwise ur granny will come after me :P

That leaves our little Adel, standing on the chair eating her prata, bee hoon goreng n keep drinking the Dinosaur. She din make any noise, jus eating her things quietly, so good. BUT she overturn the Dinosaur and made a mess on the table. After cleaning up, she still peeks at the half fill cup n wanna drink some more hahah~ Charmaine have to bluff her its empty otherwise she wun even have a chance to drink the Dinosaur, all will be inside Adel's little tummy.

While we were chatting, suddenly Sam turned up, gave all of us a surprise!! Coz Charmaine says he dun wanna join us, earlier we were even talking about how they shld go home from Jalan Kayu n wat time is the last train & bus. Well, since Sam came so she will have a ride home. Hmmm.. I wonder is there a"motive" for Sam's sudden appearance ALL the way from Delta Rd since he say he does not want to join us. Maybeeee... he wanna have a little piggy tt nite wahahahah~~~

We stayed till 11pm+ while Catherine went off earlier as Janine is not very comfy n keep making noise. Eunice gave us a ride home and after a cleaning DinoEgg up, gave him some water, threw him into the sarong n he zzz till now still have not wake up.

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