Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Manfred's Birthday 19 May 2007

This is long pass due for uploading in the blog.

Went to Manfred's birthday on 19 May 2007, so much good food, so many friends n so many children!!! *see the group photo* Had a good time there chatting with all the mummies n playing with the kids.

Little DinoEgg enjoyed himself very much thou he was very unhappy when Charmaine carried him to the playground, screamed n cry for daddy *sorry for tt charmaine n sam* Surprisingly when Darren wanted to carry him, he leaned forward! Seems like he remember Uncle Darren, and Darren was sooo happy about tt all the kids still remember him, even Adel also let him carry.

Today is the 1st time Little DinoEgg seen balloons *uh-OH!* keep wanting to touch them, and dunno who gave him a red balloon. He was holding n squeezing it, i was so afraid tt it will burst.... dare not even stand close to him.

Every kid took some gift home too, the gers have a goodie bag while the boys have a toy ball. Little DinoEgg LOVE his ball with bells inside. He keep playing with it n wun let it go.

Its such a fun time! Hope it will be as much fun when its Little DinoEgg's birthday bash in August.

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