Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shopping Shopping

So excited! Tmr is shopping day! Took leave to take care of Little DinoEgg (so dear ol'mum can rest) and go shopping with the mummies!

We are going Mothercare, Robinsons, Toys'R'Us jus to name a few. The Great Singapore Sale is on, check out the FOX clothes I bought for Little DinoEgg BEFORE the GSS! 50% discount!! I was elated when i left the shop $62+ poorer but with 5 pieces oc new clothes for Little DinoEgg. Hopefully tmr's shopping trip we'll be able to pop by FOX again. Just couldn't get enough of their clothes!
Think i will be dead tired at the end of the day; slinging Little DinoEgg n carrying a big bag of his stuffs.
Ok gotta go *yawnz* Nite nite~

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