Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sick... ahh~~ cchhooOOooooooo!!!

Little DinoEgg is sick!!! Down with flu n cough :(

It started Sunday afternoon when I noticed tt he's been sneezing. Initially I thought perhaps its the dust as we were doing the weekend house cleaning. But even hours after we are done with the chores, he was still sneezing, thus my guess is he is having cold.

The next morning while on the way to granny's house, he sneezed a loud one and a green mucus hang on his nose.... gosh.. he is definately sick... on top of that he started to cough a little bit. Left him at mum's place, told her he is having running nose n asked her to monitor to see if fever develops then I went to work.

At night he was sleeping well till 1am+. He starts getting uncomfortable; sneezing n coughing, and i guess his nose starts to get clogged coz we can hear him trying to breath thru his nose but can't. After tt he started to cry coz he can't breath!!! In the end we have to carry him out to the living room and let him play with his toys, at least he is not crying. So there we were, 2 zombies staring at 1 little energetic Little DinoEgg who is busy walking from the coffee table to the sofa and back.... this lasted till 4am+, by then me n Daniel are already ssooooo tired..... I couldn't take it n dozed of on the sofa. Daniel put Little DinoEgg into the sarong n finally he managed to settle down n start snooring; yupez snored coz his nose is still blocked.

This morning Little DinoEgg was listless, din even wanna smile to those friendly aunties in the LRT. Simply just lean on my chest n look around. I've decided to take urgent afternoon half day leave as I feel him a little bit warm, so worried tt he may have fever.

Took him to The Kidz Clinic at Rivervale Mall, not too bad waited for about an hour before its our turn. Came out from the clinic $73 poorer!!! OMG!!! SEVENTY-THREE DOLLARS!!!! The most expensive medical fee I have ever paid!!! PD gave him 4 syrups of different color; pink is for fever (just in case), green is for cough & running nose, white is for phelgm n finally orange is for running nose. Lucky thing is tt orange syrup causes drowsiness so Little DinoEgg slept after taking it.

BUT its REALLY no fun trying to feed those yucky medicines to him. I have to syringe feed him n he hates it!!! TOTALLY HATES IT!!! 1st time is ok, maybe he was wondering what yummy things I am giving him. The 2nd time i try to give him, he cry like no tomorrow!! Keep using his hands to block the syringe, clenching his mouth up tight n moving his head left n right. I have to use my left arm to secure his hands, then pry open his mouth n right hand with the syringe squirt the medicines into his cheek before he gets loose.

*sigh* Heart Wrenching!! But its for his good. Hope he gets well soon and I do not have to do this again.
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