Friday, June 15, 2007


Ok decided to put 2 gatherings together hee~ lazy lah :P

14 June 2007 8.30pm Swenson, Compass Point

This is a last minute thing. A few of us decided to meet up and chill out. Suppose to meet at Starbucks but the sitting around outside was cramp n very smokey coz the smoking area is jus next to the non-smoking one. On top of that it was a hot n humid night, the air was stale, dead n heavy. With the comfort of our litt'uns as top priority, me and Erin (we were the 1st to reach CP) decided to move the meeting area to air con place.

We decided on Swenson, nice n air conditioned, n not forgetting having some nice, yummy cooling ice cream~~ After waiting for a while, we finally got a table for 10 people; yupe TEN PEOPLE!! Coz we really do not have any ideas who will come, n plus the kiddos.. think will be that amount of people :D

Finally abt 45mins later all mummies arrived; there were Eunice, Charmaine, Ailian, Erin n me together with our kiddos, hey tt makes 10 people hahah~ We have ice creams while Charmaine n Adel enjoy their food coz they have not had their dinner. Wow its been a long time since I last had Swenson ice cream! Yummy!!! Little DinoEgg as usually was watching me enjoying my food n wondering whether he will have a share or not. Haha~ next time kiddo!

We had such an enjoyable time, chatting, good food, good desserts n good environment for us to relax. THOU Little DinoEgg was cranky; he refuses to finish his milk n as he took his medicine before he came out of the house, he was feeling drowsy but didn't wanna fall asleep n miss out all the fun. Eventually after 30mins or so, he succumbs n dozed off :)

We left the place at 10.30pm, heading home to rest n settle our litt'uns.

Think the highlight of tonight is, its the 1st time Erin n Shannen joined our gathering! YEAH! And also the 1st time she uses the sling to carry her little monster (tts wat she call her princess) out. DOUBLE YEAH!!! Well, more gatherings to come dear Erin, so make sure u attend ALL of it. And please! start using the sling n throw away tt baby pouch or sling tt u r using now!


15 June 2007 10pm Jalan Kayu Prata

Its Prata Time AGAIN!!!! whooooo-hhooooo~~~!!!!

This time, more pple join us! Even the "secretivt" Mrs Gunners is here wahaha~ Well she look good n well. Wow the last time I saw her was in Jan'07 at Adeline's house! And that was the 1st time I see her after like 18 years!! OMG!! Its such a long time????

Today is also the day the toys was delivered to my office. I did not know it will end up in such a HUGE BOX!! Have to take a cab back with the toys so that I can give Wendy, Charmaine, Eunice & AJ their toys. Lucky Eunice offered to send us there otherwise we will have some difficulty in carrying tt huge box, the 2 bags of things for Jessie n 1 pack of Drypers for Meow to the prata shop. Hmm... it seesm like our gatherings are also exchanging or passing of things from one person to another, hahaha~ so cute :P

It was another warm day, no sooner have we settled down, Little DinoEgg & Reiko was prespiring. Woah~ they looked like they just had a bath. Seems like the kiddos all gang up decided to be cranky; 1st it was Kayden, but tts coz he was sleepy, after patting him a while he was dozing comfortably in his pram. Then Little DinoEgg starts his nonsense, think he is tired n the medicine makes him drowsy. I have to carry him n walk around to make him zzz.

Anyway its good food n good company again. So many people turned up. There were the Loh Family, the Gunners family, the WonderBaby family, Meow & family, Rebecca & family, AJ & little Kayden, Eunice & Reiko, Ms Apple Pie & hubby, Amy & hubby, Ms Bell & hubby (thou the hubby was sitting outside with his friends) and finally Wendy & hubby. Sorry Wendy, you just came and Eunice & us have to leave, our kiddos are cranky n its nearing mid nite!! Way way way pass their bed time. We had a good n enjoyable time, its really good to have such small gatherings for us to meet up n exchange things/news. Although we chat everyday in msn or email but nothing beats meeting up n gossip n chat.

Little DinoEgg knocked out in Eunice car while Reiko immediately become wide awake when Barney CD was on haha~ she is really a BIG Barney fan.

Looking forward to our next gathering!!!
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