Saturday, June 23, 2007

More Teeth!! Teething Gel to the rescue!!!

Just when Little DinoEgg managed to get over the ordeal of having his 2 lower teeth popping out at the same time, the upper teeth decided to join in the FUN!

Last Wednesday, Little DinoEgg was cranky n kept putting his fingers into his mouth. Looks like he is digging or scrapping his tongue but actually he is chewing them. Initially I thot its the 2 lower teeth tt is causing him all this discomfort. So as usual i gave him the teething gel n jus by chance I decided to apply on the upper gums thinking tt it will make him feel more comfy. Lo n BEHOLD!!! I felt 1 tiny teeth on top!! GOSH!!!

And few months ago, after getting fed up with Little DinoEgg's constant drooling n still no sight of any teeth, now all 4 teeth decided to pop out almost at the same time!

Well, he will finally have his 2 front teeth this x'mas! woooooohhhooooooooo~!!!
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