Saturday, June 23, 2007

Food Glorious Food!

Well what do u know~ We have another food munching, juice gossip n relaxed chatting last Friday 22 June 2007. This time round, its a small group, there were the Loh Family, the WonderBaby Family, the Romi family, the Guni family, Ms AJ and Ms Bec. Too bad Ms Bell & Ms Wendy couldn't join us.

I had a bowl of yummy Penang laksa, and Daniel ordered chicken chop. Wow then there were the stingrays, sotong, chicken wings, cockel!!! Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!

I did not eat alot, was busy with Little DinoEgg who is feeling cranky n tired BUT still refuse to zzz. Even I sling him and walk around the shops at a quieter corner fail to calm him. So in the end, both me n Daniel have to take turn to carry, pacify n entertain him.

We left at mid nite, did not even realised it was already sooo late!! But the 3 kiddos still so wide awake, eyes tired but sure is wide awake. We hitched a ride fm the Romi family, Little DinoEgg KO during the ride home n did not wake up till the next day.

Woah~ looking forward to our makan together *slurp*
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