Thursday, July 12, 2007

10th & 11th Mth Milestones

Well have been missing his 10th month milestones update coz was really busy.

Little DinoEgg has grown more confidence in moving around, thou he still needs to hold on the things. Now he can walk fm the coffee table to the sofa, then from the sofa to his walker parked beside the sofa. There was once he was standing on the wheels platform n holding onto the seat, trying to lean forward n peeped into it. Was curious why he did tt coz it was really dangerous, then found out... his Mr Elephant in on the seat :D

He can now walk faster; of course still holding on to our hands. However sometimes in the midst of excitement, he will try to shake off our hands. Which of course is impossible as he will most definately fall down.

We are looking forward to the day he finally can walk without our assistance.

He can now point; either with his pointing finger or all of his fingers ~haha~ He can point to lamp post, pa-pa, granny (por-por), Kiroe, fan, window, light, car and train. When u tell him "train train is here~" he will turn to the direction the train is approaching, stretch out his arms n say CAARRRR~~ *faintz*

The words he knows are car, fan, lamp post (thou only say lamp), pa-pa, ma-ma, duck. We are trying to teach him to say Milk Milk.

And finally, he has shown us tt he has a very bad temper! If he dun get what he wants he will cry n scream. Ok maybe tts what ALL babies does, BUT he is so naughty tt he will throw his toys across the room! This is one thing that both me and Daniel cannot accept and trying very hard to correct him. Hopefully he will learn it soon and will try to control his temper.

We all know tt Little DinoEgg started to stand n walk without going thru the crawling stage right? Well recently he started to crawl, 1st on his tummy then lately tried to lift his weight up n use his knees n hands. However he still have not master the technique, can only go on his knees n hands n not moving forward yet. But hey! tummy crawl is fine with me, for now :D

Then there are his "throw this on the floor so tt I can bend down n pick it up" stunt. He simply loves to throw his toys, hanky, pamplets etc onto the floor then he will either bend down fm his waist (tts only when we have our arms around him) or he will try to squat down/sit down to pick the items up then try his best to stand up again. Tiring job ya? But does not seems tiring to him thou. There was once he bend fm his waist when we were not with him and he spin around n fell, hitting the back of his head onto the floor HARD! We thought "tts it, he will not do tt again..." but we were wrong! Initially he is afraid but then the next few minutes he start doing it, forgetting his bad fall earlier.

Oh ya, Little DinoEgg also likes to squat. Daniel taught him tt, so tt he can ask him to squat during his bath time n let him wash his bum bum. He can squat while reaching out to pick up things fm the floor.
He has 4 teeth! 2 on top n 2 on the bottom and boy~ u won't wanna put ur fingers into his mouth now.

And he is a bread lover! He could finish 1 piece all by himself, even half n hour after his milk of either 180ml or 210ml. Big appetite?

Next month he will be 12 months old, we are planning to do his 1st Birthday, definately will be a big n crowded one as both of us have lotsa friends and relatives. Can't wait for the day to arrive!!!
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