Friday, July 13, 2007

New Apple Piano toy

Yesterday I was being chased back home by my boss as I was coughing badly, he is afraid tt I will spread the virus to the others (duhz..)

Anyway met up Charmaine for a nice yummy lunch then pop by the Popular Book Store @ Orchard. Hey it says closing down sales since 2 months ago, and now its still not closed down yet?? Hahah~

Anyway, went in to see if I can get any good deal for books n toys. Came out with an Apple Piano, before discount it was $9.07, after the 20% discount its only $7.25. Good deal ya? But mum say "so expensive" -_-

Well this little toy can play alot of tunes. If you press the fruits button, it will tell u the name of the fruit, the the piano keys play 1 note a keystroke of the musical children songs. Then when u press the purple love shaped button once, the fruits buttons plays musical children songs and the piano keys plays a full musical children songs each. There are at least 10 different children songs in it.

Little DinoEgg was very facinated by the sound n lights. He keeps turning the Apple around to find the source of the sound. Well seems like I've bought something which is useful for him *grinz*

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