Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crawling is Such Hard Work

Was lazing in the living room after my dinner watching TV with Little DinoEgg. This nottie little fella, as usual cannot sit still on the sofa, keep wanting to go down to the floor n play with his toys. So I have to move my butt n sit on the floor beside him.

He was playing with his toys by himself for a while until he decides to find Granny who is busy in the kitchen. So he turn, went onto his hands n knees n start his long long journey to the kitchen.

As he just starting to learn to crawl on his hands and knees, he is still quite a greenhorn. 1st, he did not lift up his knees, rather he dragged them along which create lots of friction. After crawling an arm length, he stopped, take a rest n at the same time complain loudly hahaha~ I ignore him, told him to continue to crawl to Granny. After rest for a short while, he continue his crawling, fm the TV to the store room then to the dinning table n finally reach Granny in the kitchen.

Granny was so amazed! He actually crawl all the way, coz he is a very lazy boy who will not persist for so long. By the time he reached kitchen, we can see tt his hair are abit dam. Hahaha~ good exercise for him!

I rewarded him with a kiss n by bringing him back to the living room n letting him watch tv with me. He must feel very frustrated as he ended up back to the starting point wahahah~

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