Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trip to the Hubs

Such a busy day today~ Met up with Agnes & Kayden @ TPY HDB Hub Kiddie Palace to collect the LiveWell goodie bag. WOW! Its really a goodie bag with lotsa goodies! It contains *x1 LiveWell Health mag *x1 LiveWell Baby mag *x1 The Protectorate bib *x1 lot brochures on Pneumococal, Robivites multivits, Rotavirus & First teeth Baby toothpaste *x1 Figt Pneumococal with Pneumo Bear sticker book *x2 packets of pocket tissues *x1 pack of 2 Fennel Pad *x1 sachet dee-dee mossie & insect repellent lotion *x1 Ocean's women's multivits *x1 Ocean's children's multivits *x1 pack GAIA natureal baby bath & body wash *x1 pack GAIA natural baby moisturiser *x1 tube 11g Palmer's massage cream for stretch marks x2 pack of Palmer's cocoa butter fomula with Vit E cream *x1 pack of Baby Bites *x1 spiffles baby toothwipes towelette *x1 pack of 2 Pigeon disposable breast pads *x1 NUK sterilized wipes *x1 100ml Kodomo laundry detergent *x1 tube of 50g dee-dee children facial wash *x2 Fitti diapers.

After that we proceed to have lunch at the famous yummy duck rice store ~slurp slurp~ Then off to AMK Hub FOX store.

We stopped at POSB coz Agnes need to top up her cash card (otherwise she cannot pay for her parking). I stayed with the kiddos while Daniel went to the gents. Was playing with the 2 kiddos when i spotted fm the corner of my eyes this particular mummy. She looked fm me to Kayden in his pram then to Little DinoEgg who is in the sling, then back to me and gave a surprise look. She must be thinking "WOW! How did she managed to have 2 kiddos of such young age n best of all bring them out at the same time!!!" I was laffing inside when I saw her facial expression.

FOX @ AMK Hub was so disappointing... its small and boys section is miserable! Did not even see all the sweaters/jackets tt I saw @ the Suntec branch. In the end, both me & Agnes did not buy anything.

We shop around that place, took some pictures in the baby's room hehe~ Both Little DinoEgg & Kayden seems to be enjoying this shopping trip. Little DinoEgg was so excited tt he did not take his nap till after 1pm and its only about 45mins. Kayden is the most comfortable, sitting in his pram, sometimes sleeping, sometimes looking ard. Only once did he kicked up a fuss, guess tts coz he is tired of sitting in his pram and wants mummy to carry him :)

After walking the whole AMK hub, we parted ways around 4pm. I think all of us are tired after the long shopping trip.

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