Monday, July 30, 2007

Infant Care, here I come!

Mum complained she is tired again, thus we need to find an infant care centre to put Little DinoEgg in. Went to 1 near Rivervale Plaza on Sat but not very keen on the centre. Maybe its tt teacher's attitude. Went down to another one this afternoon, like tt place though the teachers are mostly Malays. After going back to mum's place, we decided to go for the 2nd one.

Its call The Children's Discovery Centre. Just behind mum's block. Chose this for a few reason; its near mum, so if we cannot make it to fetch Little DinoEgg, she can help us, and also we can still have dinner at her place, she can still see her grandson. The teacher infant ration is 1:3 so not tt bad, there are 4 infant care takers, 2 Malays n 2 Philipinos who are registered nurse (not bad ya, the other child care centres did not even mention whether their staffs are registered nurse or not). The place looks clean with lotsa fans for good ventilation. Outside the centre there is a log book for parents to sign in before they step into the centre to drop off their kids. The main door is on security door with PIN number to release the lock, so sort of safe ya?

The infants are divided into 2 catergory, 1 is below 6 mths n the other one is above 6 mths, in the middle are the child care kiddos. The infant care takers have those nanny look, hmm... how to explain. U know tt auntie is a nanny when u see their face, they have a typical nanny look :) Anyway the above 6 mths area is clean, with padded flooring etc. When we were there, all of them are taking their naps, it was so quiet till think can hear a pin drop. The 2nd time we go there (to pay for the deposit etc), every one was up n about den suddenly so noisy.

Talking about tt, we paid $1380; $850 full school fee as deposit and Aug'07 school fee of $450 (subsidized) and the $80 dunno for wat, maybe its registration fee.

Little DinoEgg starting 01 Aug'07... I will take leave to see how he cope. Lets hope he dun cry buckets of tears... then at night have nightmares...

Stay tuned for updates~

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