Wednesday, August 1, 2007

1st Day at Infant Care

Yesterday night already packed Little DinoEgg's bag; 4 sets of changing clothes, 1 desitin cream, 1 milk bottle (labelled), labelled his water bottle too, health booklet, copy of his birth cert, 1 new pack of diaper, 1 tin of FM, 1 bottle of shower foam, 1 bottle of talc powder, 1 towel n 1 face towel. I packed, check n re-check Little DinoEgg's stuff n only zzz ard 1am+

Funny thing is, Little DinoEgg woke up at almost 3am and no matter how much I pat, swing, scold, etc he just wun go into slumber... He will close his eyes, dozed for a while then make noise OR cry. I got so fed up tt I scolded him. Daniel woke up n carried him onto the bed. I was dead tired so I dozed off on the sofa. When I finally got up at 530am, saw Little DinoEgg standing at against the bed headrest playing *faintz*

Daniel say he did not sleep and was playing. At 1 time he thot Little DinoEgg was sleeping, he sneaked off to sleep on the floor. Minutes later, this naughter little fella woke up, look around, crawl to the edge of the bed, saw Daddy n smile his sweetest smile. Then he climb down the bed to find Daddy. Daniel say he stretch his legs n tucked them under his pillow, lean forward n rest his head on the pillow n doze off. When Daniel try to carry him onto the bed, he woke up n dun wanna go back to sleep. Start digging Daniel's nose, poking his eyes, scratching his face etc etc.

Anyway got ready quickly, fed milk to Little DinoEgg n leave the house, meeting Granny to go to the child care centre together. When we reached the centre, we were being led to the younger infants area. Its only 7am and there are already 3 babies in the centre sleeping!!! Gosh what time did they arrive there???

After passing all the necessary toiletries n documents etc to the teacher, we get ready to leave. Teacher wanna carry Little DinoEgg from Granny, he of course dun wan and turned away. I asked the teacher to carry him away despite his protest. Once he is out of Granny's hand, he started to whine. So I told Daniel n mum to quickly leave the place while the teacher distract him with some toys.

As expected, Granny cried.... coz she cannot bear to see Little DinoEgg being sent to child care centre and start blaming herself... I have to reassure her again tt its ok, coz she gets tired easily so putting him there is the best solution for everyone.

I went back to mum's place while Daniel proceed to work. Stayed at home till 830am then I went down to meet the supervisor Sue. Found Little DinoEgg dozing on the mattress, was quite relieve coz I think I will feel heart pain if I see him crying.. secretly I was thinking maybe he was crying buckets of tears. Teacher Sue told me he is ok, did not cry hysterically, only whine abit then was ok when he was distracted by the toys. I told her tt he woke up at 3am+ n did not sleep till NOW. She was so surprise and asked if this is the norm, I told her NO. Teacher Sue says no wonder he goes to sleep so fast and did not cry or scream as what the other new babies would do.

Then she asked me to pick him up at 12pm, coz normally as a practice she will suggest parents to put them in centre for half a day so tt the babies/children can get used to it. However I told her I wanna see if Little DinoEgg is able to take his nap in the centre coz I only took 1 day's leave thus have to see how he reacts today. Teacher Sue says ok, but will call me at noon time if he kicks up a fuss, otherwise I can pick him up @ 330pm. So off I go, back to mum's place to wait for phone call.

Time really crawl like a snail... finally its 330pm, made my way down to the centre. Did not hear any loud crying or screaming tt sounds like Little DinoEgg. I saw him playing inside a pool of toys with another baby n the care taker sitting besides him. I sneaked into Teacher Sue's office to settle some paper work and to get an update of what happened.

He did not finish his breakfast of crackers with mayonise sauce+milo. Care taker have to pat him for very long (till she herself feel like sleeping haha~) before he finally sleep. After about 2hrs of nap, he woke up, bathed, had lunch n playing happily.

Then its time to leave, the minute he saw me, he wails.... but stop once i carry him. And as usual, he wave bye-bye to everyone when I carry him... hmmm... so anxious to leave the place??? haha~

Thats Little DinoEgg's 1st day at infant care. Since he did not have a good nite sleep yesterday nite thus he felt tired today, lets see how he fare tomorrow. IF he keeps screaming n crying I may have to bring him back at noon time. Not good to let him cry too much n too long.

Ok signing off... have not pack Little DinoEgg's bag... *yawn*

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