Sunday, August 19, 2007

39.4 Deg

Yesterday nite Little DinoEgg came down with fever :(

We went to Jalan Kayu for dinner, he was acting alright, enjoying his prata etc. On the way back, in the cab i felt tt he was kinda warm but brushed it off as maybe tt place was warm thus he is feeling the heat.

After we reached home, rest a while, I put Little DinoEgg to bed. After 2 hours of sleeping he woke up fidgiting, turning n tossing n making some uncomfortable noise. I went to him to comfort him, felt his body and its burning hot!!! Took his temperature n it reads 38 Deg!! Scared the hell out of me, called for Daniel who was in the study room n i went to take the med to feed him. After taking the med, Little DinoEgg still do not wanna sleep, lie down but his eyes were wide out. Daniel have to lie down with him n pat him. Eventually he sleep after 1 hr plus.

However ard 4am+, Little DinoEgg woke up screaming... I jumped out of bed, felt his body n it feels hot! His temperature reads 39.4Deg! WOAH!!! RED ALERT!!! Quickly woke Daniel up and we gave Little DinoEgg his med n a sponge bath. First we use normal tap water but it does not seems to bring down his temperature, so Daniel suggested using ice water. Little DinoEgg screamed loudly when the ice cold towel touched his forehead. After a while he got used to it n quieten down. We keep the ice cold towel on his forehead for abt half and hour, n the temp came down to 38Deg, still high but not so worrying.

Little DinoEgg finally fall asleep and I stayed with him while Daniel goes back to sleep coz he took care of Little DinoEgg earlier. Little DinoEgg woke up almost every hour screaming, guess he is feeling very uncomfortable. I have to pat him back to sleep, reasurre tt I am with him.

At 730am he woke up, measured his temp n its 37.4Deg, *phew* lucky the temp came down. Fed him milk n make him go back to sleep again.

Its 1215pm, Little DinoEgg temperature is back to normal, he just had his milk n is now sleeping peacefully.

Get Well soon son! Daddy n Mummy loves you~
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