Friday, August 17, 2007

This week in Child Care

Monday 13 Aug & Tuesday 14 Aug went back to child care, Little DinoEgg started to freeze up when we reached the door, then use his leg to grip me tightly, dun wanna let go, the minute he saw Teacher Nati, he cried... Think becoz he missed school on last Friday as he was sick, missing for long period of time thus forgot about child care.

Wednesday 15 Aug
is good!!! When we reach child care, as usual he will freeze, then today the Indian teacher open gate, greated him. I say "teacher carry~" and he actually leaned forward to teacher, then he turn around and wave bye- bye to me *grinz* So happy to see that he is finally getting used to child care life.

Thursday 16 Aug
... thought he was ok but then when he see Teacher Nati, he whine again... hmm... maybe he dun like tt teacher??? But Teacher Nati is not in charge of his group wor... wonder why...

Friday 17 Aug
, went to child care, tt Indian teacher open door again, and Little DinoEgg automatically lean forward to her and wave bye-bye to me!!! WOW maybe he really like tt teacher. But this Indian teacher is in charge of older kids, not infant, how come he like her??? Weird, really weird... Perhaps he like plump person??? Coz he oso seems to like Darren aka gunners more then the rest of the daddies wor~
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