Friday, August 3, 2007

3rd Day at Infant Care - Part 1

This morning checked Little DinoEgg, no fever but was sneezing. Ytd nite fed him the med for running nose but think it did not help much.

Anyway, quickly wash up den bundle him in his jacket n off we went to child care. It was such a long walk, Little DinoEgg prespire while on the way there. Maybe too much clothing haha~ plus today is not as windy as ytd.

Reached the child care centre, told the teacher he dun have fever but I bought his med just in case. Quickly pass him to the teacher, where he immediately whine, then teacher quickly walking into the centre, while I turn to walk away. While walking away can hear he has started to cry loudly.

Ard 830am+ called the centre, check whether Little DinoEgg has fever and suggest to them not to bath him lest he catch a cold. Teacher say he dun have fever but then its good to have a bath but maybe only once, so I told her perhaps bath him in the afternoon.

Noon time called Teacher Sue to check on son. She say he is ok, did not cry or scream, no fever, playing n eating well. Only cry when he is sleepy n wanna sleep. So far so good...

Lets see how things are when I fetch him tonite.
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