Friday, August 3, 2007

3rd Day at Infant Care - Part 2

Knocked off at around 6pm and made my way to childcare centre. Reach the place 5mins to 7pm. The children are already gathering near the door, sitting down with a teacher n waiting patiently for their daddy n mummy to fetch them home. Little DinoEgg and another boy is the only infant left waiting.

When teacher bring Little DinoEgg out, I can see that he has been crying coz his eyes were red n swollen. He's got his pacifier in his mouth! He's not suppose to have it UNLESS he is going to sleep. Teacher told me he was cranky after he woke up from the nap, keep crying and would not allow her to leave him alone. Once she stepped away he will cry... She also told me that his temperature went up to 37Deg at 4.30pm, she fed him med n he seems ok. No fever when I feel his hands.

Bundle him n we made our way home, BUT 1st to Compass Point to buy dinner back for me n Daniel. Reached home at 830pm, phew wat a walk... I have to carry Little DinoEgg, my bag, his bag n packets of rice... HEAVY!!!

After a while Little DinoEgg was sneezing n have running nose... so poor thing... fed him med, hope tt he will at least sleep a while before we go out but he doesn't seems to be tired or drowsy. So we let him play while we get on with our chores.

We are going out to meet the gang later~ so excited!!!

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