Saturday, August 4, 2007

Makan & Collection of BKK Loots

We have another round of makan session! This time its to Bedok for some bar-chor-mee~~ We were late, and the gang ordered a mountain of food besides the bar-chor-mee. Little DinoEgg is the only baby there, the rest did not bring their kiddos out.

As usual, we eat talk, talk eat. Little DinoEgg was not feeling well n got cranky, but luckily he fell asleep in my arms pretty fast.

After the food n drinks, we collected our loots hehehe~ see below picture.

There are 2 pairs of shoes for Little DinoEgg, 2 bags & 2 cosmetic pouches me, the purple small pouch is a gift fm someone (not sure who, some one mentioned but i forgot), "dog shit" for Daniel n even 2 doggie treats for Kiroe.

I am so happy with all the stuffs! Thanks the gang for helping me to buy them *muackz*
Oh and i especially like my BAGS!! Its so spacious! Very useful when I wanna bring Little DinoEgg out alone.

Hopefully I will have a chance to go BKK then I can go n shop till I drop OR buy the whole shop down hahaha~

We parted at around 1am, did not know it was soooo late.. no wonder I have a hard time keeping my eyes opened. *yawn* Good Nite Everyone~
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