Monday, August 6, 2007

4th Day at Infant Care

This morning woke up late.... rushing like mad to get ready myself den feed Little DinoEgg milk milk den go out... Decided to take the cab coz really late. Reached childcare centre at 725am!!

Little DinoEgg has the run over the weekend, dunno wat happened, we suspect its due to him teething coz he's been chewing his fingers excessively. Told the teacher Nati about this and request her to monitor. While talking to teacher, prepare to un-sling Little DinoEgg n pass him to teacher, the min he saw her, he cry loudly -_- I quickly pass the teacher his barang barang then went off, hoping that he will behave today.

In the evening was on time to pick him up. He was not crying nor cried. Was very happy to see me, the minute I carry him, he quickly wave bye-bye to teacher Halipah... can't wait to get out of tt place???

We proceed to Granny's place for dinner. Granny was sssooooo happy to see Little DinoEgg! She was smiling fm ear to ear. I let Little DinoEgg irritate Granny while i dozed off on the sofa hehe~

After dinner we stayed till around 830pm then bundle Little DinoEgg and onward home we go~
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