Wednesday, August 8, 2007

6th Day at Infant Care

This morning woke up around 550am too and managed to get out of the house by 7am, at last maanged to tuned to the new timing. Little DinoEgg still not feeling well, running nose is still there but no fever.

You know what, when I pass him to teacher, he did not protest or whine, he just keep quiet and let teacher carry him in YIPPPEEE!!! Means he is starting to get used to go to "school"! At last! And it will be less stressful for me and him.

Went to work and busied myself at work. At 415pm teacher Sue called and tell me Little DinoEgg having fever of 37Deg, my heart sank.... She asked if she can give him med and I said ok. After I put down the phone, keep looking at the clock and hope tt time will pass quickly so tt I can see Little DinoEgg.

Finally its 545pm and I went off work quickly. Reached the child care centre, saw Little DinoEgg and was happy abit coz at least he was not cranky or crying. However he did give me a tired look. Checked with teacher, fever went away after given the med.

Went home and went about the daily nite routine, then around 9pm+ Little DinoEgg felt warm, took his temp and its 37.8Deg!!! Quickly give him med and put the Kodomo cooling patch onto him. He protested and cry as the patch feels too cold for his warm forehead.

The patch did not last more then 10mins and was being pulled down by Little DinoEgg. We decided to leave it off and wait till he is asleep then put it on. Luckily he fell asleep pretty fast due to the med.... Put the patch on him n kept our finger crossed.....

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