Thursday, August 9, 2007

National Day

Its Singapore 42nd Birthday today, nothing fantastic, just another off day for us :)

Cousin Yu Han came to play!! The 2 August babies had so much fun, the best thing is she is in our turf n Little DinoEGg get to bully her muahahahahhaA!!

Sis, BIL, Cousin Farn n Han reached our house around 2pm, we watched tv for a while and a while later 6th Aunt n youngest uncle reached too. Then Daniel & them started their majong session while the rest of us sat in front of the tv. Then it was nap time for Little DinoEgg. However there were simply too much distraction for him. After some time I finally managed to coaxed him to zzz.

He was still sneezing badly... every time he sneeze mucus will come flowing down his nose. I have to wipe it off with the tissue. And it was so bad till his nose is so red with the wiping and he cry n struggle every time i try to clean it for him coz its painful.

We watch Shrek II & III while waiting for the time to reach 630pm, tts when the live forecast of National Day Parade will begin. I did not watch the NDP coz its kinda boring and Little DinoEgg is acting up again.

The majong session finally ends around 830pm and everyone started to leave. Little DinoEgg felt warm n I took his temp... 37.4Deg. Fed him med and coax him to zzz. Luckily earlier this afternoon I decided not to bring him to child care tomorrow and have asked Mum to help look after him. Just hope tt he will get well soon especially Saturday is a BIG DAY for him.
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