Monday, September 10, 2007

Hmm... actually got this info from a friend a few weeks ago but have not got the time to do it (think of the $ lost!!). Blogging has become such an "IN" thing, everyone is doing it, even ME, who is not a computer or internet expert. Anyway since blogging has become part of our everyday life, why dun make some $ out of it?

Actually I have ever signed up with AdSense but find $ rolls in quite slowly and my account was abruptly stopped just because I did not put in any entry for a week! There goes my USD5+ (ok ok its not ALOT but still its MONEY ya??!!) *gggrrrrr* Thank God I found out about Advertlets~ so now I can start earning hehehhee~ Anyway Advertlets is nearer to home, just next door to us, thus closer to heart :)

Hey hey hey~ meet the pretty ladies and handsome machos of Advertlets *TA-DAH~~*

They are currently having a promo for Singapore bloggers, the “Singaporean Special Program” and it ends on 15th September. So quick quick, join the family, at - Asia’s Better Blog Advertising Network.

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