Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My 1st Love Bite *duhz*

Yesterday Little DinoEgg came back with a "love bite" on his right fore arm. Can u see the teeth marks???

Initially we were so sad coz he was being bullied at the child care centre but when we take a closer look at the marks we think maybe he bite himself. Coz from the marks; which shows 1 row of 4 teeth n 1 row of 2 teeth, exactly the number of teeth Little DinoEgg have. And if u bring his fore arm to his mouth, it fits exactly his teeth; 4 upper n 2 lower.... Anyway wanted to speak to the teacher this morning but was late so have to rush off after I leave Little DinoEgg at the centre.

This evening, I purposely leave work on the dot, reached the child care centre at 5.35pm (wah super duper early, even Little DinoEgg was surprise to see me haha~). The teacher told me they are also not sure who have bitten Little DinoEgg, as he did not scream in pain or cry out loud. HOWEVER she did tell me that there are a couple of biters in the group -_-" And 1 of the baby girl can really bit HARD, leaving deep red teeth marks.

Woah~ tt sets me worrying... I asked the teacher to monitor, whether he is being bitten or he is bitting himself. I explained to her that IF he is bitting himself, then have to stop him coz he will eventually start to bite others, then it will be more difficult to stop this bad habit.

Well, thats the end of this "love bite" issue... for now... Let's hope that there will not be a 2nd time.
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