Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Feeling Hungry??

MMmmmmm~~~~ *pat pat round round tummy n sigh~*

Daniel cooked up such a delicious western dinner that all of us that even Little DinoEgg also enjoy his share.

See the pic and drool people~~!!!

Little DinoEgg enjoys his pasta with tomato sauce, he was going "aahhh--mmmmm" when ever he open up his mouth to take to food. Happily chewing his paste and playing with his toys n tv remote controls -_-" He finishes half a bowl of pasta :P We did not dare to give him too much as it was late n afraid he may not want his milk or go to sleep. Surprisingly an hour after his dinner, he drank 180ml of milk then went into dreamland shortly.

My tummy was fulled after i woofed down the bowl of soup n pasta. Teriayki chicken tastes fantastic too but my tummy cannot take in any more food, only managed to squeezed down 1/4 of tt big piece of chicken. The salad tastes good too. Hey!! I did not even know Daniel knows how to toss a salad hehe~

We had so much food that 3 of us had a round round tummy. SOoooo...............


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