Tuesday, September 4, 2007

This is the Way~

This is the way we brush our teeth~
brush our teeth~
brush our teeth~

This is the way we brush our teeth
So early in the mor-n-ing~~

This 2 days I have been diligently brushing Little DinoEgg's teeth, at least once a day. Initially Little DinoEgg was relunctant, closing his mouth tight when i try to stick my finger in. After I managed to get my finger into his mouth n start brushing, he was so happy. I think main becoz its so ticklish, 2ndly the brushing motion sort of ease his itchy gums (ya he is teething again). Today when I say "Boy, brush teeth ok?" He looked at me; curious... when I bring out the soft finger toothbrush he starts to get excited, then he giggles loudly when I brush his teeth :)

Oh I am using the above to brush Little DinoEgg's teeth *grinz* The toothpaste has a very nice banana & apple frangrance. Not sure whether it tastes like banana & apple as I did not taste it. Hmm.... maybe the next time I shall put some into my mouth n taste it.
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