Saturday, September 1, 2007

My 1st Lunar Birthday

19th day of Lunar month July is Little DinoEgg's birthday~ Daddy prepare a yummy bowl of mee sua with 2 eggs, pork's liver and some meat for him to eat. This day symobolises that Little DinoEgg is officially 1 year old n can sit on the dining table to have his meals.

Look at Little DinoEgg enjoying his mee sua. He took a few bites on the liver n decided tt he does not like the taste haha~ Dun ask me why he gives that "I'm going to puke" face when he is clearly enjoying his mee sua.

And if u noticed at the background, tt Kiroe is taking this opportunity to sneaked into the baby's room which is off boundery to him.

We have a few frens over; Wendy, Mike n Rebecca (the rest not free to join us) for prata and to sort of celebrate Little DinoEgg's Lunar birthday. They went to Jalan Kayu to pack the yummy prata, mutabak, satays, kuming soup n lime juice~ Thou the gang came late and Little DinoEgg was in dreamland, we had a good time chatting n munching. Thanks you very much for packing the food on the way to our home, saves Daniel a trip there :)

We yakked n munched till it was almost 2am when they left.

Oh ya, if u are wondering what is that irritating wordings across the video, I used tt software to edit my video. I took the video clip using the camera in portrait, then when I uploaded the clip, it became it is not right side up :( So have to use the software to make "turn it around". Bad thing is tt irritating wordings are blocking the view. SO next time I must remember not to repeat this "mistake" again.
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