Sunday, September 23, 2007

My 1st Swim n I totally enjoy It!

After the farm we proceed to meet Wendy & family, Rebecca & family and Amanda & Alex. We were suppose to meet at 3.30pm but we were early. I am the designated photographer for today :)

The gang quickly got themselves & their kiddos ready and off the went into the pool. However as this is Little DinoEgg's 1st encounter with the swimming pool, I was afraid he may freak out at the sight of such a HUGE amount of water. So I bring him to the edge of the pool to let him sit down and play with the water. After a while Amy carried him into the water n onto the red car float. From the look of his face, I know Little DinoEgg is very excited about getting into the water but at the same time feeling abit frustrated as the car float sort of obstructed his view & feel of the pool & water. So Daniel put the float onto him instead. He is much happier n starts to enjoy the swim.

Jessie tried to let Zenson go into the water while she bring Denise to the arcade room. Zenson was alright for about 5 minutes but after tt he screamed n cried ssssooooo loud that we have ask Jessie to come back as no one is able to pacify this little prince. In the end Jessie have to dry Zenson then bring both her kiddos to the arcade room where later she say Denise enjoy tt place very much. She was dancing away at the Dance Play station, too bad I was not there to take pictures or video.

An hour later Wendy, Rebecca, Amanda and their respective spouses n kiddos arrived. They too quickly change n jumped into the pool. The kiddos simply love to swim and also love the slide. Everyone was happily swimming and enjoying themselves tremdously.

Little DinoEgg was happily paddling n moving his arms in the pool that he totally forgotten about his milk milk till an hour plus later. He started to get cranky n wanted to come out of the pool. I proceed to bringing him to the shower room with the help of auntie Josie ~THANKS AUNTIE JOSIE!! ~ Luckily auntie Josie was there to help as Little DinoEgg was crying n making such a fuss that it is impossible to make him cooperate!!! AArrggghhh!!!! I was trying to get his wet suite off n he is kicking n thrashing his arms around *ANGRY* Auntie Josie have to help me to carry him while I quicky pull the wet suite off. And the stupid water in the shower room are NOT HOT AT ALL even though the heater was ON! The water was hot for like 30 seconds and it went ice cold!!! Little DinoEgg had a shock when the icy cold water hit him. I have to made do with a few splashes of water and carry him out to dry him *again with auntie Josie's help* n put on his clothes.

About an hour later everyone had showered etc n we were sitting at the lobby deciding where to go for dinner. After some discussion, we decided on BJ. Hey dun think otherwise ya, it stands for Botak Jones. We had a hearty meal of western food with tons of water to replenish the water lost today. It was indeed a very hot day.

After the meals, the gang took off and we stayed back a while as Daniel arranged to meet up some one to collect something. Romi insist on waiting for us to send us back as Little DinoEgg was not feeling well. ~THANKS AMY & ROMI!!~ Luckily tt guy was not late, we waited like 5mins and he was here. Took the stuff n Romi sent us home.

What a tiring n enjoyable day! Sorry Ms Wendy, Ms Bec n Ms Amanda, did not take a lot of your pictures as I was attending to Little DinoEgg as he was out of the pool. Next time ok, I promise I take more of your pictures BUT come early lah :P

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