Sunday, September 23, 2007

Visit to Animal Farm

This morning it rained so heavily tt all of us were worried that our full day plans for today will be going down the drain. Luckily around 12.30pm the rain clouds drifted off to somewhere and Grandpa Sun came out bright n shinning.

Meet Amy+Romi+Manfred & Jessie+Denise+Zenson at Blk 308 for lunch then proceed to The Animal Farm @ Jalan Kayu.

Little DinoEgg saw for the 1st time some bunnies 1 small chicken, 2 peacocks, 1 mysterious crane-like bird, goats, geese. As it rained earlier, the dirt road was muddy, made the whole place so damp. Amy was saying usually the goats, geese n peacocks were allowed to roam freely but think becoz there was a child's birthday party so they keep all of them locked up. Too bad, otherwise Little DinoEgg would love to have a chance of getting up close n personal with these animals.

As its a fairly small farm, we left the place after half an hour walk-through.

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