Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh my Oats~

Little DinoEgg have his 1st taste of oats today. And he simply loves it~ I am not a oats lover so I was afraid he will find the taste weird n refuse.

I bought the oats that need to be cook rather then those instant ones where u mix with hot water. Its very simple. I just add the 140ml milk which Little DinoEgg did not finish abt half n hour ago, top it up with another 70ml of water n add in 5 tablespoons of oats. Stir over a small fire and 3mins later VIOLA~ a good oat meal is ready!

But I think 5 tablespoons are too much for Little DinoEgg as its about 1 kiddie bowl. Next time I shall cook about 3 tablespoons instead. I did not add anything inside the oats, next time I shall try adding bananas (yummy~) or some strawberries etc.

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