Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Gatherings

Ok I finally have time to upload the pictures we took at the gatherings in September 2007

Get-together - Amy's House 08 September 2007 (Photos taken by Adeline)

Amy wanted to pass some hand-me-downs to us so decided to get all of us to gather at her house for some R&R. So each of us potluck some food over; we bought over fried rice, Ms Bec - Old Chang Kee curry puffs, Wendy - TPY roast duck & fruit salad, jessie - hhmm.. dunno wat did she bring hee~ OH i know! perhaps its the 933 Golden Pillow :P, Amanda - fruit cake, then there are drinks by Amy... hmm.. wat else?? cannot remember. Anyway all are good n yummy food, too bad tt day I did not bring camera thus did not take picture of the food.

As usual, the kiddos are having the best fun. All of them (yes, including Little DinoEgg) are snatching the balls and the toy cars. Amber, Kayton & Manfred fight over the red & yellow "flinstones" car. Regardless of these, all are well, no tears were shed, no scratches n slaps were given n received. See how well behave our kiddos are. They know how to share... in a rough way hahahaha~

Then someone suggested majong so Andy/Ms Bec, Alex/Amanda, Amy's mum n Daniel. While they are fighting on the square table, Wendy n Adeline went home n me trying to pat Little DinoEgg to sleep. Then this little princess, saw me patting Little DinoEgg to sleep then she try to be helpful, hit Little DinoEgg real hard on the bum-bum *faintz* Luckily he did not wake up or cry out in pain...

This Adeline so forgetful. She said bye-bye to us then 5mins later came back; forgot about Kayton's shoes, then said bye-bye, 5mins later came back again; forgot about Kayton's toy. said bye-bye again den after tt sms Amy say she forgotten Kayton's something (dunno is it hanky or wat). Ms Apple Pie arh.... u hor... *haiz~*

Majong ended ard 1am+ n we went home around 2am+, tired to the bones....

Steamboat & Lanterns - Amanda's House 22 Sept 2007

How can we gather without some good n yummy food???

Daniel prepared the PSS a day before so the soup is really very yummy, the pigs stomach will be soft n juicy, great for steamboat.

That day we woke up early to prepare the stuffs. It took us an hour to pound the chilli padi+balacheng, it was a tiring job. Me n Daniel took turn to pound it but mainly Daniel do the job as I have to take care of Little DinoEgg. Well he did help too, this little rascal. I was peeling the egg n he did the food tasting hee~ just to make sure the eggs are nicely cooked.

We reached Amanda's place at ard 4pm, Ms Bec is already there helping out. Next to arrive is Amy+family then Wendy+family. Everyone chipped in to get the food ready n table set. Others just help to look after the kiddos, make sure they dun get into trouble. All except for Mr Andy Lim, who is glued to the tv, almost drowning himself into the show n becoming 1 of the character inside hahaha~ I think if the sky drop he will still have his eyes at the tv :P

After a while the food n soup are ready and some of us eat first while the rest feed the kiddos. Everyone was saying the PSS is great n my-oh-my~ tt chilli is really a killer!!!! Even those who like chilli also have to surrender to it.

Later we went up to Amanda's room to look at her wedding pictures, wow~ there's even a half naked Alex in the album ~whiiii-wheeetttt~ Kinky sia! And Alex have sooo many toy figurines (forgot which characters), I am sure Little DinoEgg would LOVE to land his hands n sink his 6 teeths into them wahhahaa~ And their house is so beautifully renovated! Its so cosy that the minute u set in u feel so comfortable and at home, makes u wanna just climb onto the sofa n zzzz... *yawn*

At night when everyone have their fill, Amy took out a bubble blowing piggy lantern and we proceed to the corridor to let the kiddos enjoy n chase after the bubbles. They we escalated when the piggy lantern started to "spit" bubbles out. Manfred, Amber n Mirabel were busy chasing after the bubbles, with their mouth WIDE open! Gosh! trying to taste the bubbles? Little DinoEgg did not join as he is abit tired. It was really fun to see the kiddos so happy n running about.

After all these excitment, we went back in and sat around the tv for some relaxation. Then someone suggested majong n off they went upstairs to start their "war". A while later Amy & Wendy+family went home. Both Manfred n Mirabel is so tired... plus we have to wake up early tomorrow for our swimming gathering.

So left only me, Ms Bec, Little DinoEgg n Amber at the living room watching tv, chatting n trying to pat our kiddos to sleep. As usual, Ms Amber is so fully of energy. You can clearly see that her eyes are tired BUT her engine just wouldn't wanna stop!! Ms Bec have to give her milk milk then carry her n rock her, less then 10mins later she was in slumberland with Little DinoEgg. Phew~ Now both of us can really take a break n watch tv in peace.

It was a tiring day but we have good food n great company. Our kiddos enjoyed the day very much though there were knocks on the head, fall fm the staircase, lantern snatching etc *grinz*
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