Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back to School

After taking a "break" from school for a week, Little DinoEgg have forgotten about school. Yesterday when we were at the child care door, the minute he steps inside he wails... I was hoping for a positive reaction *sigh* Nevertheless, I left him with the teacher and went off to work.

When I fetch him yesterday, I was greeted with a happy Little DinoEgg. I asked teacher Nita about his performance. She says he is good, finishes all his 180ml of milk, every snacks and meals. I was like "WOW~~ how come you dun finish your milk at home??"

This morning, I was thinking perhaps I will get the same reaction when we reach child care. Lo-and-Behold~ Little DinoEgg walked to the school holding my hands; no more sitting down, lying down, crying *phew*. Even when he sees the teacher, he did not throw himself on the floor expecting her to pick him up, nor there were any tears etc. He was grinning n smiling when he walked into the school. Hey, not even a bye-bye n flying kiss for this mummy -_-

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