Friday, October 12, 2007

20 September 2007

Ok doing some back dated events hee~ dun scold me, have been so busy n tired lately that really no time n no mood to update blogs.

This day went to NTUC for groceries shopping and let Little DinoEgg sit in the trolley. He had sat in it once long long time ago but he did not like it, cried n screamed but that day he totally enjoyed it and had the greatest fun. He find fun, pleasure and amusement from a simple thing like the trolley's "lock".

Though he was enjoying the view from the trolley, we still have to give him a packet of barley to keep him entertained n occupied.

When we got home, as usual we let him play with his toys. Now he knows to ask me to open that dome toy, at times when we are not there to do it for him, he will simply drop it on the floor which causes the toy to open up thus spilling all the small blocks onto the floor. After that he will take 1 in each hand n knock them together. Sometimes he will try to fit the blocks into the correct shape.

The following video clip shows his eagerness to learn new things. He saw us putting the blocks back into the dome n closing it and he wants to do the same too. He tried n tried but could not, though a couple of times he did seems to fit it back but u can see from his face that he knows something is not right. After a while he loses interests... Its ok, there will be some other times when he can try again :)

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