Friday, October 12, 2007

Bad Day!


Yupe this was how this morning to school is… The reason?? Little DinoEgg woke up at 3am+, wide awake n wanting to play with his daddy. Daniel tried to pat him to sleep but failed to do so after 45mins. I have to take over n it took me 35mins to finally make him go back to sleep.

4.30am till 6.30am, merely 2hours n Little DinoEgg have to wake up for his milk n get ready to go school. He was ok during n after his milk but got cranky after that, did not even want me to brush his teeth; something which he enjoy n love. Threw himself onto the floor crying n screaming… Managed to coax him to change his diaper, clothes n wear his shoes. He still willing to walk fm his room to pray pray to Buddha then proceed to the door waiting for me to open it.

Still ok when we were on the way to the LRT station, ok while we sit on the train to Renjiong BUT started to scream n kick his leg, then kicked the man sitting beside us. I apologized to him and told Little DinoEgg to keep quiet, I even get him to put his pointing finger to his lips. That keeps him quiet for like 30secs and he starts again. Luckily we are about to get down the train n that distracted him for a while.

Train ride to Rumbia is ok, peaceful… walk to the school also ok. Then when we are near his school, as usual I will let him down and walk to the school himself. Today he totally dun wanna walk! Become a koala n cling onto my leg, when I try to hold his hand n walk, he went limp n threw himself onto the floor cry n cry … I have to calm him down before getting him to stand up, and when I try to walk again he cry again…

I have to leave him sitting down, head down onto the dirty floor and walk away from him. Then I walk back to him, told him calmly to stop crying and hold my hand to stand up. He listen to my instruction and walked unwillingly the remaining few steps to the school.

I think the whole school can hear him screaming n me speaking to him sternly outside coz when we were finally at the door, the teachers came to the door n all want to carry n saying Little DinoEgg.

That short 100m walk to the school took us 15mins to finish!!! And I left the school with Little DinoEgg crying loudly in the school…

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