Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baked Macaroni

On 06 October 2007, we decided to have a last minute food gathering at Wendy's house. Why? Becoz we miss Auntie Josie's yummy baked macaroni~~~

We were suppose to reach Wendy's house before 2pm but just when we were all ready to go out, Little DinoEgg was cranky as he did not have enought morning nap. Thus we have to let him sleep for another hour before heading out.

It was not a potluck, just the macaroni and us to get the famous Toa Payoh fried hokkien prawn mee. Then while walking to the main road to take a cab, we spotted some tasty looking roast duck in 1 of the coffee shop. Just couldn't resist the duck, but since we never buy from this stall before we were afraid that the duck will not taste up to our expectation. Luckily we happen to buy from a famous stall so the duck was great! Not enough to go around though as we only bought 1/2 a duck. Never mind, there is always a next time n when tt time comes, we will definately buy 1 whole duck n eat till everyone's heart content!

Jessie & her kiddos; Denise & Zenson was the 1st to reach Wendy's house. Ms Bec was late too coz Ms Amber needs her beauty sleep, they were the latest... till Andy decided to join us after his work.
Everyone enjoyed the delicious food. Little DinoEgg love the baked macaroni. He had his 2nd helping after his afternoon nap. We even took back some macaroni, just can't get enough of it.

I did not take alot of pictures as I was busy feeding n later patting Little DinoEgg for his afternoon nap. He had so much fun that you can clearly see that he is tired but he just do not wanna go to sleep. Managed to make him fall asleep after 30mins of patting... and he slept for 2 hours straight!

We left Wendy's house around 6pm+, made our way back home n was feeling exhausted. Luckily Little DinoEgg did not kicked up too much fuss during his bed time. We were able to turn in early too.

It was definately a good day, too bad Amy n Amanda couldn't join us. Well, next time then :)
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