Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Megan's 2nd Birthday Party

Ok this is long past due... better put it up otherwise I forget :)

Megan have a wonderful birthday party on 16 Sept 2007 at the Zoo, the exact location is the KFC inside the Children's World Play Land. This is the 1st time we attend such party at such location. Something new n interesting :)

We were late as Little DinoEgg was still zzz when its about time to leave home, so have to wait for him to wake up. Had a 10mins slow stroll from the Zoo entrance to the Children's World Play Land. Everyone was there, well except for Sis+ family (*phew* at least we are not the last ones to arrive haha)

Everything is so new n interesting to Little DinoEgg; the sight n the smell, he is so overwhelmed by all these things. I heard before we arrive, they played Musical Chair n Eagle catch Chicken games (organise by KFC), sounds like fun, too bad we missed it. We sat down on the tiny chairs n ate our KFC meals at the tiny tables. Feel so funny, like we are giants at dwarf's' world hee~ Little DinoEgg enjoy his fair share of fries (which Daddy specially get the KFC to cook w/o adding salt) n mashed potatoes.

After a while, the Mystery Animal arrives!! And its a pair of hedgehogs~~ Wow I have only seen these beautiful creatures in the tv programs but have not met them in real life. All the kids are so excited n curious about the hedgehogs. 1 of the hedgehog is an albino. Little DinoEgg wanted to touch the hedgehog, keep stretching his hands out but when almost touching them, he quickly take his hands back hehehe~ think he is afraid of this new n weird creature with a funny nose.

The hedgehogs stayed for like 15-20mins then they left. After a while the Chicky mascot came! Little DinoEgg was fast to see 1 giant weird "thing" n keep pointing to it. I carried him to meet Chicky, he was afraid of it, so I carried him n let him play with Chicky's big tail instead. This was followed by singing the Birthday Song n blowing the birthday cake~ Everyone joined in n sing a loud Birthday Song.

After candle blowing, cake cutting, everyone sat down n enjoy the yummy cake from E-Creative. Han-Han n Little DinoEgg enjoy the delicious cake too. Every one had a wonderful time.

We left the Children's World to go to the Children's World Animal Land to see the animals, then we walk around the zoo. The pictures will be be soon :)

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