Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Erci Carle

Sis gave 2 Eric Carle books to Little DinoEgg as his 1st birthday present and I must say, Sis really know how to chose good books :)

These 2 books; Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See and My Very First Book of Food, are hard covers and pages so they do not get torn very easily and can withstand babies' rough handling etc. Both books are brightly colored with big pictures of animals n food, for Brown Bear book, there is a sentence on each page.

Little DinoEgg adores this Brown Bear book. When I read to him, I used my fingers to point to the words I was reading, then I will tell him about tt animal on tt page; showing him the eyes, nose, etc n adding some description about that animal like a duck quacks etc. He was very facinated by the bright colors, he even use his fingers n imitate my pointing action, even thou he point aimlessly n all over the pages haha~

As weeks gone by he grew to know more about that book. When I want to distract him from things he is not suppose to take/touch, I will ask him "Oh~ where is Brown Bear, Brown Bear?" He will go to the coffee table n take it out from underneath it. Sometimes when I let him play alone, he will bring tt book out and start turning the pages n go "eehh-ehh, ahhh-ahh" as if telling himself about the animals.

I only recently introduce the My Very First Book of Food and he is hooked on it too. Though this book teaches the child the correct food the animal eat, but he is still too young to understand, so I only teach him the name of the animal n the food.

I checked out Erci Carle's books at the bookstores, they are pricy but I think its worth the money. Its simple yet it catches the child's attention, but of course parents have a part to do n the way you read to your child will determine the amount of time your child stays with you.

Thanks Sis for introducing this to me!
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