Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our shopping at PS!

We finally went ahead with our shopping at Plaza Singapura dispite some cough n running noses fm a few of us. I was so excited, Little DinoEgg woke up slightly late today, gave him his milk n bread then around 10am make him take his morning nap so that he can have 1hr of nap n be ready to leave the house at 1130am. I planned it so nice, and when its about time to leave Jessie texted me tt she will reach around 1pm, a while later Adeline text that she will be late too :( So there we were, all dressed up and stuck at the house....

Nevertheless! It did not dampened my spirits! We left the house at 12pm, took the LRT n then the train. I had a very bad experience with a family of certain race *ggrrrrrr* shall not tell it here lest some pple think that I am a racist.

Anyway, arrived PS to find Adeline & Kayton already waiting outside Carl's Jr. But its crowded n cramp so we decided to look for other place for our lunch. After searching for a while, we decided to go to Yoshinoya (or watever the name is, forgotten about it). Hmm... its really difficult to have a peaceful meal when u are out with 2 boys!
There seems to have ants in their pants!!! Cannot sit still n be quiet for a while.... Look at them, walking here n there in the restuarant, playing with the cushioned stools n chairs, getting into everyone's way etc And the noise they made!!! OMG!! Such hugh din!!! Thank God the restaurant manager did not ask us to leave haha~

We proceed to Marks & Spencer where Adeline need to buy some toiletries for Willie. It took us quite some time walk from the baby changing room to Marks & Spencer. Not when you have 2 happy children walking here n there screaming their heads off n ignoring all your calls for them to follow u or to come back. This Little DinoEgg saw the auto door tt leads to the car park n actually walked towards it, finding it amazed n everything! I have to run n grab him before he have the chance to meet tt auto door. See how happy Little DinoEgg is, he is playing peek-a-boo with Adeline.

To prevent precious time from slipping away, we have to carry these 2 noisy boys n quickly made our way up to Marks & Spencer. Even then, they made a din n scene in the shop. 1st its hide n seek amongst the racks n racks of clothes, playing peek-a-boo with the customers n sales assistant. We made a mistake of letting the boys near a rack of biscuits.... They touched, grabed the ones at the bottom n a few came tumbling down *un-oh* We have to quickly put the biscuits back n led our boys away.

While Adeline queue to pay for her purchase, I look after the boys. Little DinoEgg was walking AWAY from us, ignoring my calls etc. Kayton did not want to follow us n keep calling "ma-mi, ma-mi". Left with no other choice, I carried Kayton n chase after Little DinoEgg. This nottie boy thought I am playing with him n walked even faster!!! *GOSH*

After Marks & Spencer, we went to Daiso to look for some heart-shaped frying pan but too bad, they dun have it. Only stayed there for a while as it was really very crowded, too crowded n dangerous for 2 mummies carrying 2 active boys. Better leave before they break anything hahahaha~

Shortly after that Amy+Romi+Manfred+Amy's mum and Jessie+Denise+Zenson arrived *FINALLY* They went to Diaso again to buy some stuffs then we proceed to Mac Mac for a drink n some food. After some yummy food n drink the hunt for shoes start... and half accomplished, Amy got her shoes but Jessie did not managed to get hers.

We proceed to Carrefour for some groceries shopping plus I wanted to look around for some toys. We happen to meet the Milo mascot walking around Carrefour giving out the milo button. We bring our kiddos near the mascot but guess its just too much for them, all of them tried to wriggle away from tt "monster". Adeline joined us for a while then she went home due to bad backache. Me n Jessie walked aimlessly around since we are not the one doing groceries shopping hee~ I bought 2 packet of some cream rolls. About an hour later we ended our shopping at Carrefour n proceed to Marina Square for Shoe Hunting Part 2 plus my hunt for some gifts.

Well Jessie managed to get her shoe n I bought 2 tees for $10 (cheap ya), walked around did not see any nice gifts n we left that place in 30mins time since we got all our stuffs.

Romi sent us home ~THANKS ROMI~ and through the journey I played with Zenson. He was getting cranking as its near his bed time, so I tried to entertain him with songs n some tickling. Then I realised if I scratched his botak head, he finds it ticklish n will giggle. Then he will want more, think he like it. So Jessie, can try this at home arh hee~

Anyway fun, enjoyable n tired day, my back feels like its going to break into pieces. Little DinoEgg knocked out not long after his milk. We should do more of these shopping hee~ and I promise I will take more photos ok *wink wink*

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