Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Long Walk home

This evening Little DinoEgg walked from his school to Granny's place~~ *applause applause* I am so happy with him! Usually when he sees me, he will want me to carry him n will protest when i wanna make him walk. Today, he did not. When teacher Nita open the door, he walked out smiling happily, asked him to wave bye-bye to teachers, he gave a small wave without even looking at the teachers (rude boy...) and walk away.

He was walking so happily, stopping occasionally to point at the things found on the floor, or something tt caught his eyes far away. He even climbed up n down the curb with my help.

I carried him to cross the road n was wondering to myself whether he will still want to walk when we reached the other side. I tried n surprisingly he waddle off happily. We were walking towards 3 men chatting underneath the multi storey carpark, 1 of them were playing with a football. Little DinoEgg saw the ball n walked very quickly towards to, pointing to the ball n make a "uh-uh" sound. Think he wanna say the word Ball but could not.

He was so target-locked at the ball that it takes me a few tries before I could lead him away from it. This time he did not cry or scream in protest *phew*.

He continue walking towards Granny's block, to the lift lobby, into the lift, out the lift and all the way to Granny's door step. He even could not wait for me to open the door, standing with his hands on the door, looking at me as if saying "hurry mummy!" Once the door was open, he stepped in n walk straight to the kitchen where he know Granny will be there.

Well done son! Great accomplishment! We are proud of you!

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