Thursday, October 25, 2007

12th to 14th Months Milestones


Words that he can speak n associate the things with;
- pa-pa as in Daddy
- ma as in Mummy
- bird
- ker as in motorcycle
- mum-mum (can say it real fast if he is really really hungry haha)
- book
- duck
- dog or woo-woo (barking sound)
- meow for cat
- car
- post for lamp post
- take
- pick
- put
- give
- keep
- star

Things/people he understand but still cannot speak;
- hanky
- sit down
- no-no-no
- diaper
- socks & shoes (he can sit down n take off his shoes n socks on his own)
- train
- mattress (where he lies down for his nap or drink his milk)
- window in this case LRT train's window where he likes to look out n watch the things pass by.
- keys
- door
- bag, in this case his bag which he brings to child care. When teacher ask him where is his bag, he will point. Daniel say once he did attempt to drag the bag to the door when he sees him.
- teacher
- gor-gor/jie-jie (he simply love to be around them, always trying to play with them when ever we chance upon older kids in the shopping centres etc)
- lift
- school aka the child care centre he attends
- Por-por aka Granny (he love her to bits)
- open; if he wants something to be open he will push tt thing right in front of u n say "uh uh".
- bread; he is a bread lover~~ simply love gardenia bread, can eat 2 slices at 1 go after his milk milk
- taxi; ask him where is taxi he will flap his hand as if hailing down a taxi
- handphone
- remote controls
- water bottle
- orange

Favourite games
- peekaboo~ he will cover his face n peeping through his fingers, blinking his eyes n smiling
- play "dar~" with us. He will go to the opp of the coffee table, squat down den suddenly spring up n say "DAR~" loudly, den he will giggle n giggle.
- my "eh~ Mumbai lah~ INNNnn-DDiaaaa~" game with him

Thats about all I can think of now hee~

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